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Here you can see good places where you can use your JCB card. Some places even have special offers and deals if you use your JCB card.
If you want to take advantage of any of these special offers, be sure to print out the details page for that offer and take it to the store with you.

  • *Some locations may require a reservation.
  • *If there is no date option, information for the same store during a different special offer period may be displayed.

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At the nine JCB PLAZA Lounges located in major cities across the globe, you can ask questions about traveling or making reservations at JCB merchants, receive free drinks, use relaxing massage chairs, and other services that you would expect from a lounge.

  • *Generally these services are provided in Japanese. However, in Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, Singapore, service in Chinese is also provided.


Other JCB Overseas Travel Services

We also provide many other services to assist you when traveling abroad.
See the "JCB Overseas Travel Services" page for more details.

JCB Overseas Travel Services